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June 01 2017

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Why he light skinned?

That might be due to the fact that Martin Luther - who lived ~450 years before Martin Luther King Jr. -  was ethnically German. We’re usually white.

HAHAHAHA. When you see racism because of your stupidity.

So I thought the fact that the only question asked was “why he light skinned?” was hilarious when I thought the right question should be “why is he a girl?”

May 31 2017

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May 23 2017

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After reading the specifications


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May 22 2017

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where are you hiding the chicken nuggets

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The world finally makes sense. (via wayne5540)

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Ok but what did he order?

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May 18 2017

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You’re gonna need a bigger box. (via therealtroll)

May 17 2017

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Big scaredy cat. [full video]

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Viking culture - Facts

May 16 2017

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Races and species in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

May 15 2017

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